Active Wear

PEGASUS' sewing machines handle difficult-to-sew materials such as Active wear.

FS703P-A-WG2DX452-1B/PD33/DS3A/PT with PP, KL

Flat seaming machine with right and left independent differential feed adjustment mechanism

A combination of stretch and mesh fabrics, a staple of functional wear. Skilled sewing techniques were required to sew together fabrics with different elasticity.

LaRgo is a de-skilled flat seamer created to solve left-to-right misalignment of fabrics.

FS713P-G0X452-A/PD33/DS3A/PT with PP, KL

Feed-off-the-arm, cylinder bed, 4-needle interlock stitch machines for flat seaming




Cylinder bed overlock

WT264P-35BX356BT/FT0C/UT327/PT/Y2243 with PP

Small cylinder bed interlock with

variable top feed

Sewing machine for hemming process in small circumference (e.g. boxer brief, cycling pants.)The fabric trimmer trims fabric edges parallel to the seam line while sewing, resulting in beautifully finished seams. The variable top feed mechanism enables smooth feeding of the fabric, preventing product being defective such as twisting.

WT664P-35BCX356/FT540/UT344/PT with HG, PP

Oil barrier type, variable top feed, cylinder bed, interlock stitch machines


Extremely small cylinder bed

interlock with variable top feed

Cylinder circumference is 113mm, the smallest in the world. Enables the hemming process of small-diameter tubular items such as cuffs and ankles of baby clothes!

W662PCH-33AX356CS/FT9A/RP9A/UT3R/D332 with PP

Oil barrier type, cylinder bed, interlock stitch machines

W3562P-02GX356BS/AT7C/AI2A/Y2187 with MU

Flat bed interlock

(with MU and AI device)

This sewing machine is equipped with a labour-saving device that allows the differential ratio to be changed by electronic control during sewing. 

W3664HP-33AX356CS/FT9A/RP9A/UT3R/D332/PP4B with TW

Oil barrier type, cylinder bed, interlock stitch machines