Pneumatic presser foot pressure regulator

Thanks to the air-controlled presser foot pressure, the uniform and minimum possible presser foot pressure is always achieved according to the fabric and fabric weight being used.  This feature prevents seam jamming on cross seam sections, damage to the fabric, and shining appearing on the fabric, contributing greatly to the stabilization and increase in quality.  In addition, the presser foot pressure can be expressed in numerical form.  Therefore, the presser foot pressure that is correct for each fabric can be reproduced easily and immediately.

Open/Close type of hemming guide

This sliding type hemming guide folds the fabric to form a hem in hemming operations. Thanks to this device, hemming is easy and resulting hem width is uniform, so quality products are obtained. Two types of driving sources are available, pneumatic and electric

Intermittent shirring device

The machine can switch alternately between plain seaming and shirring with this device during sewing.Uniform and beautiful shirring  operations can be performed as desired.

Automatic differential feed ratio switching

Thanks to the differential feed ratio regulator (AI), the differential feed ratio can be automatically switched by stitch counting, so this machine sews the fabric uniformly in any direction, wale, course or bias.

Fabric tensioner

This device holds the fabric and elastic for the sewing of tubular goods, such as attaching elastic to waists.  Thanks to this device, finished products are uniform, regardless of the operator’s skill.